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There is nothing better than coming home from a long day to your purring, snuggly cat -what a great way to destress! Studies have shown that having a cat will not only make you happier but
help you live longer too!


Our feline friends need to get the proper nutrition in order to thrive and live a long healthy life. We ONLY carry quality, all-natural cat foods that are FREE of artificial dyes & preservatives and made in the USA. Our selection includes foods from Fromm, Science Diet, Earthborn and other quality makers. Our team evaluates and approves all the foods & treats we sell to make sure they meet our standards. 


If your kitty is having a food related issue such as GI issues, urinary tract or obesity, we have a selection of foods to address these problems. One of our knowledgeable, friendly staff will be happy to help you choose the right product. Picky Cat? Don’t worry, ALL of our cat foods are 100% guaranteed! If your fussy friend doesn’t like it bring it back! 

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