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Cat and Kitten

Cat and Kitten

Our stores' main focus is providing quality cat foods that are all naturally preserved, balanced for urinary health, and not loaded with dyes & fillers!

Our most popular brands include Science Diet, Wellness, Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild and Fromm 4 Star. Most are available wet or dry, to best suit your cat’s dietary needs.

We specialize in GRAIN-FREE DIETS for cats that may be experiencing allergies.

Cats tend to be selective animals, ranging from being finicky about food or litter, to even being picky about who pets them! Our staff is more than ready to help you with any cat issues you may face- or just hear cute stories about your favorite feline!

Cat Litter


We have a terrific selection of cat litters ranging from clay based, wood based, and even corn based! We carry popular brands such as Fresh Step, Scoop Away, and Scamp, along with specialty litters including World’s Best, Cedarific, and Swheat Scoop. We also carry litter pans and scoops. Our staff will even carry the litter to your car for you!

Cats need flea and tick protection too!


Spectrasure Plus for cats is our favorite flea and tick product for indoor/outdoor cats! We also carry the Seresto Collars, Advantage, and Frontline for cats.

Additional items we stock include cat nip, scratching posts, cat furniture, toys, treats, beds and travel crates.

Cat Products You Know From A Name You Can Trust!

Trusted brands we carry: