HG Bonus Bucks

It PAYS to shop with Hanson Grain

Earn Bonus Buck points for every purchase you make with us. Once you accumulate 2000 points will we automatically mail you a GIFT CARD for $20 or more!

Point values vary based on the department.

  • $1 spent = 2 points - Pet Food & Supplies & Treats, Small Animal Food & Supplies & Treats, Wild Bird Seed, Suet & Feeders
  • $1 spent = 2 points Western Boots & Clothing, English Boots & Clothing, Equine Supplies & Grooming
  • $1 spent = 1 point Horse & Livestock Feed*, Hay, Shavings & Bedding*

Our computer tracks your purchases and points totals show at the bottom of each sales slip. Once you each the 2000 threshold you qualify for a gift card starting at $20! Gift cards will automatically get mailed to you - we mail them out a few times each month. Gift cards do not have any expiration date - so you can use right away or you can collect them or later use.

Bonus Buck Gift Cards can not be used to pay account balances and are not redeemable for cash, transferable or replaceable is lost or stolen. We reserve the right to change the rules or discontinue the program at anytime. Customer is responsible for providing us with an accurate mailing address in order to receive their gift card.

Bonus Buck accounts without any recorded purchases for 365 consecutive days will be come inactive and points will be reset to zero.

*Exclusions for delivery orders do apply.