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Backyard flocks are all the rage!

Whether you prefer chickens, ducks or even turkeys we have all the supplies and knowledge you need to get started and maintain a happy and healthy flock.

chicken feed

  • Layena is our #1 selling chicken food – If you want the best egg production feed Layena!
  • We promise the taste of fresh eggs can’t be beat! Try Layena Omega Plus to add heart healthy cholesterol into your eggs naturally. Marigold extract makes the color of the yokes a beautiful, deep yellow! A smaller, more palatable pellet your girls (and you!) are sure to love.

In addition to Purina, we carry Poulin and Green Mountain Organic chicken feeds.

We also offer a complete line of feeders, waterers, supplements, treats, and some medications for poultry. Oyster shells, mealworms, and egg wash are among the best selling products.

For other classes of poultry we stock many different styles of feed by the aforementioned brands- Including Flock Raiser, Gamebird, Waterfowl, Starter, Grower and Finisher. Quite a few members of our knowledgeable staff raise poultry themselves, and are capable of helping you choose the right product for your favorite flock.