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Rabbits & Small Animals

Rabbits & Small Animals

Some say we have a bit of a rabbit problem at our Hanson Store…that’s because we have a gaggle of pet rabbits who are there for all to enjoy.

Bring the kids in to meet our rabbits-

store bunnies

– Harvey (the elder) , Bruin, Scarlet, Cheatie, HoneyBun and a few others! Our rabbits love the attention and look forward to visitors.

Harvey is our oldest mascot and a very sound sleeper!

Rabbits are fantastic house pets and our stores carry everything> you can think of for them to be happy and healthy!

Huge selection of treats, toys, bedding, food, hay and of course, cages for both indoor and out!

Our prices beat the big box stores - save money on food, bedding, fresh hay & straw!

Rabbit food available from 5lbs up to 50lbs bags. We stock a variety of bagged hay – Timothy and Alfalfa for your rabbit’s preference.

Lots of buns in your life?? Then you should look at our prices on a bale of Timothy hay, bale of Pine shavings or 40lbs bag of Wood Bedding pellets - a much more economical way to take care of your rabbit.


And of course we carry food & more for Guinea Pigs, Rodents, Chinchillas, Ferret and Hedgehogs too!

Small Animal Products You Know From A Name You Can Trust!

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