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Wild Bird Seed & Feeders

Wild Bird Seed & Feeders

Feeding the backyard birds and wildlife is fun, easy and great for the whole family! Providing food & shelter for the birds can help them survive a harsh New England winter and provide them with the nutrition they need to raise a brood in the nicer months.

Our stores stock a great variety of wild bird seed and in sizes from 5lbs to 50lbs. We buy our seed in large quantities so we can offer you the most competitive pricing around!


*Black Oil Sunflower
*Thistle (Nyjer)
*Sunflower Hearts (shelled)
*Corn- cracked, fine, whole
*Peanuts (Shelled and Whole)
*Suet – each or case

If you are buying seed mixes at the home stores or supermarket you need to come see us! Our mixes don’t contain cheap filler seeds – if you see a lot of red or yellow in your current mix those are filler seeds – birds don’t like these cheap seeds and will leave them.

Try our mixes – there is a difference!

South Shore Treat - Our #1 Seller!

This is a custom-designed blend that the Devine family created to attract the largest amount of birds with no wasted seeds. The mix is loaded with sunflowers, peanuts, safflower and more. The birds go crazy for it and is our #1 seller! Give it a try and see what your birds think of it!


Mealworms are a great source of protein for harsh winter months for birds like the Bluebird.

bird feeder

Great selection of bird feeders from basic to deluxe. Droll Yankee , Aspects and Woodlink are just a few of the quality brands we carry.

Can’t decide what feeder will work best for you? We can help you decide which feeder will best suit your needs.


Love the birds but HATE the squirrels??? We can show you feeders that really, truly are squirrel proof – we promise.

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